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Cable Duct S&T 550

Excavation for foundation / pits / raft / trenches / mass areas, water tanks, septic tanks etc. in dense or hard soil for following depth, by mechanical or manual means including necessary dewatering, demucking, shoring/ strutting, segregation of reusable excavated earth from vegetation and debris, removing loose excavated matter from the excavated area,barricading as per Safety practices etc. complete as per drawing,specifications and as directed by EIC.Note: Measurement shall be made as per theoretical maximum plan dimensions of PCC details in the drawing. Separate / extra payment shallnot be made for working space.sorting out and stacking of useful materials, dressing of the sides, ramming of bottom, disposing of the excavated stuff up to 50 m. lead including lifts, for all kind of soil, all complete as per drawing, specifications, instruction & directions of the Engineer-in-charge. For all civil, plumbing, & infrastructure works. The excavation rates for Hard rock pit shall be 20% of total Excavation and remaining shall be for Normal hard soil.(Masonry Civil Trench with cover)
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