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"Design ni Dukaan" founded by Ar. Veeram Shah in 2013, colloquially means, ‘a shop for design'. We are a multidisciplinary studio based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, focusing on the concept of design in totality and without distinction. As a studio, we deal with design sans scale. This includes architecture, interior design and furniture design projects. 
We are a community-based practice devoid of the conventional cabins and designations. Our practice is in a constant state of evolution in terms of its structure and the collaborations. The only constant is, likeminded people and their thoughts converging to evolve a singularity- Design. 
We believe design can never exist or be created in isolation. Rather, it is a collective expression of a person’s experiences, from the profound to the mundane. The studio has designers of different backgrounds coming together and celebrating “design” or the simple act of “creating”. 
The practice is divided between the studio and the workshop. Both these entities work in cohesion to translate our ideas into functional forms.” 
Every person from the principal to an intern, the carpenter and the artisan holds equal importance throughout the process. As an essential element of running this practice, intellectual discussions are only valid if the technicalities are resolved. ‘Creating’, hence, becomes a collaboration between the designer and the artisan, between the intellectual and the craftsmen.

Veeram Shah


Arch and Cylinder Dining Table
Damru Stool
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